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  1. Residential is a natural diversifier and is believed to be one of the best investments for those who require robust pension type returns.

  2. A project like this can only work with the right fiscal toolkit in place to financially underpin the acquisitions. Libo.London would be delighted to help clients make this happen.

  3. Libo.London is aware of a number of fund institutions who are keen to invest into social housing, who are well known commercial yet philanthropic real estate investors, who may be either co-investors or even alternative sources of funding to Central Government.

  4. We would aggregate units into individual SPVs reflecting balance whilst also spreading risk, ensuring investor friendliness.

  5. These SPVs would be drawn up either geographically or by asset type and filled as quickly as possible to be able to complete products that are institutionally ready for investment.

  6. Libo.London would then introduce long term stable blue-chip institutional investors, (characteristics agreed in advance), looking for pension matching liabilities, in the form of income strips.

  7. Whether the aspiration is modest or ambitious, we have a variety of institutions to fit the borrowing requirement, with any final investment decision remaining with the local authority.


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