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  1. Maturity - we have experience with intelligence rather than theory alone.

  2. Commitment - we work with you as well as for you from beginning to end.

  3. Target Lead - we buy the right properties at the right price

  4. Mitigating Risk - we seek to operate without affecting the local market.

  5. Team Players - LIBO.LONDON have brought together a unique combination of market understanding and hands on practicality.

  6. Strategy - the team will advise on the most efficient and practical ways to effect the acquisitions and execute professionally.

  7. Knowledge - the residential market is not a commodity product and is still dominated by owner occupiers and thus understanding that effect on value is key to long term gains.

  8. Connected - residential is a natural diversifier and is believed to be one of the best investments for those who require robust pension type returns.

  9. Experience - the residential market is the largest real estate market in the UK, however its range and complexity means it is misunderstood by many.

  10. Project Management - we manage management, mitigate reputational risk and minimise gross to net income leakage from the outset.

  11. Financial Understanding - we can introduce a range of trusted financial partners, that we have experience of working with before,  to add value to the proposition.

  12. Efficiencies - we are a dynamic and flexible consultancy with low overheads and a can do approach, who have been operating for over a decade with very happy clients, which allows us to pass on cost savings and efficiencies directly to our clients, and get the job done.

  13. Working Together Regularly - our approach to working with local authorities would see us providing regular updates in acquisitions and pipeline including review meetings, and weekly conference calls to keep you fully abreast of progress, and adapting the core strategy as required.

  14. Social Aspect - we understand the vital underlying principle behind these projects and intend to do our part in effecting positive social change for the end user, whilst also mitigating reputational risk for the council, and enhancing the life prospects of the individuals involved.


Temporary and socially related housing is a challenge for all local authorities, especially those in and around the nation’s capital, London. Our current and historical work over the last decade with London boroughs (...and other institutions), has really helped to alleviate this issue and involves building sustainable portfolios of decent homes standard properties that are both desirable to tenants and give long term capital growth both within their territory and the defined public transport commute - this also gives access to neighbouring, and potentially cheaper, boroughs and councils.

We can provide flats, houses and blocks from studio to six bedroom as well as hotels, student accommodation, HMOs, nursing homes, dis-ably adapted residential solutions and other bespoke residential requirements, including securing forward funding opportunities.

Typically our projects divide into one or more of the below components - you choose what you need:

  1. Strategy & Planning

  2. Delivery & Refinement

  3. Project Management & Aftermath

  4. Commensurate Financing


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