1. Discussion and agreement of targets, timelines, parameters and hotspots between Libo.London and client.

  2. With a professional working knowledge that the residential market is the largest real estate market in the UK, and its range and complexity means it is misunderstood by many, therefore it is not a commodity product and is still dominated by owner occupiers and thus our strategy incorporates the understanding of what that effect has in the pursuit of long term gains.

  3. Detailed analysis of the local market pricing and sales trends takes place, including regional sub markets and seasonality, plus further analysis of future potential trends, like transport upgrades or other major infrastructure projects, and their effect on pricing.

  4. Agreement of pricing policy and fine tuning of condition budgets and tolerance.

  5. The above leads to the development of a bespoke strategy for acquisition of target properties, starting with "low hanging fruit", and develops from there.

  6. The team will advise on the most efficient and practical ways to effect the acquisitions and execute professionally.

  7. We will also advise on appropriate systems, forms, supply chain partners and key reporting lines that need to be in place.



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