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Temporary and socially related housing is a challenge for all local authorities, especially those in and around the nation’s capital, London. Our current and historical work over the last decade with London boroughs (...and other institutions), has really helped to alleviate this issue and involves building sustainable portfolios of decent homes standard properties that are both desirable to tenants and give long term capital growth both within their territory and the defined public transport commute. This also gives access to neighbouring, and potentially cheaper, boroughs and councils. We can provide flats, houses and blocks from studio to six bedroom as well as HMOs, nursing homes and other bespoke residential requirements, including securing forward funding opportunities.


We are unique in that as independents and not tied to any estate agent or developer, we pick up properties from a wealth of sources both private and corporate, individuals and developers, that give the relevant local authority / council instant access to accommodation to replace the expensive and often inflexible options of hotels, b&bs and private rented sector properties.


We can provide guidance on innovative funding and structuring options tailored to each client, often based on capital direct from central government funds and potentially topped up by private sector financing, to maximise investment potential whilst minimising the local authorities outlay.


Our development of bespoke portfolios that are specifically diversified by geography and type, with particular attention paid to long term maintenance and management issues, ensures we minimise risks for a long term social housing asset hold and maintains the ability to ride the inevitable future  property cycles.


As we operate on the ground, we also physically view, check, photograph, measure and perform initial due diligence on every property we submit, including refurbishment recommendations together with all price negotiations prior to submission as an “offer accepted” property with a bespoke comprehensive independent report.


We are well used to helping to establish procedures and workable practices, to ensure effective, transparent and secure systems with our clients, with relevant matrices and reports instantly available, and based around best practice and regular reviews. If required we are happy to provide access to independent auditors, surveyors, valuers, conveyancers and contractors, all of whom we have worked with successfully in the past.


We charge a success only fee together with a pre-agreed performance rate, which ensures our clients get the best possible value for money, at the lowest potential risk.

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