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There is no getting away from the fact that yacht racing can be dangerous. The sea, “she be a fickle mistress”, and weather conditions can change in seconds and be destructive.


However to minimise the risks and ensure you take away the happiest of memories, we take safety very seriously.


As well as any corporate contract, and as a condition of our insurance, we have a legal duty of care to maintain the safety of the boat and crew – something you do, or don’t do, could endanger not just you but other persons on board so it is vital that you do exactly as you are told.


We will hold a mandatory safety briefing before we leave the dock at the beginning of the day, which everyone must attend and pay attention to.


Once under way, the professional crew will teach you the basics, which will contain a lot of rules that are safety based and will ensure yours and others enjoyment of the day.


Even if you have been sailing before, keep your wits about you and please do as you are instructed to do.

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