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1. Desktop and laptop:

Using either Chrome or Firefox web browsers (Mac users will find Safari doesn’t work properly!), navigate to (or click the link on your home page) and accept any prompts to allow microphone and camera etc. That’s it - enjoy! Toggling the “Tile” button (4 squares) will let you see everyone or one person at a time (click the person you want to view when in tiled view). There are loads of other options but most are fairly obvious. 


2. Mobile devices (Apple and Android):


If you don’t have it already, download the Jitsi Meet app from the app/play store. Do NOT open it!!! 


Now go to your web browser (this can be Safari on iPhones etc.) and enter the link (or click the button on your home page). It will offer to open the link in the Jitsi app. Agree to this (it then does all the configuration of Jitsi for you!) and also agree to using mic/camera etc. if prompted. 


PS If you want to share documents from your computer, then press the D key and follow the prompts - there are 3 “tab” keys across the top which help choose what you’re going to share… try it, it’s easier than explaining things in words ;-)  So Excel spreadsheets, Word documents, other video (though sound is poor as it’s picked up by your mic and relayed, but this does mean you can talk at the same time) etc. or web pages, or PDFs… whatever you want really!

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