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This is England, so the weather is changeable, please do pay attention to the weather forecasts in the run up to the event itself, as this will determine what you should wear:

We will provide you with waterproofs in the event of some precipitation (rain), and if the temperatures are looking low, please do wrap up with multiple layers rather than one thick coat – sports wear is most suited, but jeans are fine.


If the sun is shining please feel free to worship in the appropriate attire, but also do bring sunscreen, sunglasses with a tie and remember to drink plenty of water beforehand to avoid dehydration – if you wish to bring a hat, think disposable, as we don’t go back for them, if they come off.


With regard to footwear, if the weather is inclement and you have sailing boots – rock on, similarly if it is temperate weather and you have them, deck shoes are ideal. If not, trainers with non marking light coloured soles are equally fine.

Most of all, bring a sensible clear head, a sense of humour, and a willingness to take part!

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